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The female house spiderette is fast, running 330 times its own length in 10 seconds! In homage to this quick little lady spider, 24/7 Games presents Spiderette Solitaire! Spiderette Solitaire is a faster versions of Spider Solitaire, made so because there is only a single deck of cards used in Spiderette Solitaire, opposed to two decks.

Because the free web solitaire game, Spiderette Solitaire is only played with 52 cards is can be a much quicker solitaire game but the solitary deck can also make it a more difficult game. Less cards to play with means less options to play but don't fret, you will not be spending a long time on Spiderette Solitaire! Move with house spiderette speed and if you need to, refresh!

Play Spider Solitaire

  • Play Spiderette Solitaire with one deck, not two decks
  • Spiderette Solitaire moves quicker than Spider Solitaire
  • Spiderette Solitaire is free and fun!

Spiderette Spider Solitaire

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